Marketing your business!


Marketing your business essentially comes down to communication.


What better way to market your business than to publicly demonstrate your ethos towards consumer protection. This is exactly what SWW members do.


People do business with people they like and trust. This is a simple marketing principle known as the ‘Know, Like and Trust‘ principle. In essence is suggests that over a period of time and exposure to your brand people will begin to know you, like you and then trust you. At the trust stage they may engage you for business. Supporting this theory with other marketing practices and strategies should help successfully drive your business forward.


In October the SWW launched the “Safe To Do Business With” initiative. The aim, much like that of the Law Society and STEP who have issued similar schemes, is to promote consumer confidence.


The STDBW ‘logo’ does not replace the SWW seal of quality rather it enhances the meaning of quality and service that should be expected from a professional who is a member of the SWW.

Safe to do business with


The ‘safe” statement is a promise to the general public, the consumer – your client – of your knowledge, expertise and quality of service, and that in the event that should anything go wrong it will be addressed.


The SWW promise that any client dealing with an active member of the SWW will have their work completed in the event that the member’s company become insolvent or the member falls seriously ill. Further information can be found HERE.


To further enforce and strengthen our commitment the SWW has launched the 10 Member Principles which support the existing SWW Code of Practice and offer protection to the consumer.


We have also redefined the meaning of a member. Our new brochure to prospective members states that all SWW members are dependable, honest and trustworthy, all under an English oak tree. The whole concept is based on the fact that when you become a Member of the SWW you agree, without condition, to work to and abide by the SWW’s Code of Practice. Our role as a representative body took root when the SWW began back in April of 1994.


This is a very strong commitment being made publicly by the SWW on behalf of members as to their ethical, moral and professional commitment to the consumer.


Members who cannot commit to this should carefully consider their future. Fortunately complaints against members are extremely rare, but should you face one, deal with it, don’t leave it to get out of control. Most complainants will accept an apology and an offer to rectify the issue if handled promptly.


Effective marketing is about more than just advertising. You consider your brand, your position within the industry, your competition and what makes you stand out. Your corporate goals define your strategy and your strategy influences the decisions you make to increase your footprint and attract new clients.


Marketing your business under the banner of the SWW gives a lot more weight to your argument that you are safe to do business with. Your client can be sure that they are dealing with a professional, dependable and trustworthy organisation. 




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