These 10 principles, as expanded by the Society’s Code of Practice and reinforced by the individual Members Terms of Business represent the protection the consumer can expect when using a Society Member in the preparation of their legal documents:

  • A Member must act with integrity
  • A Member must conduct his or her business with due skill, care and diligence
  • A Member must observe proper standards when marketing his or her business to the general public
  • A Member must pay due regard to the interests of his or her client and treat them fairly
  • A member must communicate information to his or her client in a way that is clear fair and not misleading
  • A Member must not create a conflict of interest between himself and his or her client
  • A Member must take reasonable care to ensure the suitability of any advice given to his or her client
  • A Member must ensure that any assets that he or she holds on behalf of a client are fully protected
  • A Member must practice equality and respect diversity
  • A Member must comply with all legal and regulatory requirements including full observance of the Society of Will Writers Code of Practice