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Membership Benefits

Membership to The Society of Will Writers grants you access to a whole host of benefits
Unlimited Technical Advice

Unlimited technical advice for full members – read our guide to technical advice here.

Discounted Training

As a member of the Society you’re entitled to discounted training courses exclusive to The College of Will Writing.

Sales Literature & Stationery

We have a range of sales literature available for you to purchase, all of which can be branded to suit you. If you’re looking for something more bespoke, we can create this as well at highly competitive rates.

Document Storage

As a member you have exclusive access to our dedicated storage facility, The National Will Archive. Here you can store all of your clients documents, for added security we also scan and back-up all of your clients documents.

Social Media Content & Support

We regularly provide members with useful content including articles, images, videos and much more. You can use this at your own leisure to communicate with your own clients.

Public Indemnity Fund

All full members pay a one-off fee of £25 into the public indemnity fund when they join. This fund ensures that your clients will never go without their documents should you ever be unable to complete work due to unforeseen circumstances.

Claim & Complaint Support

Should you ever receive a complaint or a claim against any work you have completed, we can assist by dealing with the complaint should you be unable to resolve things yourself.

Use of the SWW Logo

Since 1994 the Society has worked hard to become a name the public trusts. By displaying our logo you instil confidence in your clients demonstrating that you are honest, trustworthy and dependable.

Website Listing

List yourself and your business on our Find a Member section. Here you can list all of your services and contact details so potential clients can contact you directly. They can also use this section to confirm you are a member of the Society.

Annual Conference

Every year the Society holds a 2-day conference which includes talks, workshops as well as exhibitions which showcase the very best the industry has to offer. We also offer a private dinner and evening entertainment. To book your place, email [email protected].

Trust Corporation

SWW Trust Corporation offer a range of services including probate and bespoke legal drafting, benefiting you as a Will Writer and also your clients in their time of need.

Members Forum

We have a dedicated online forum where you can discuss issues and topics with your fellow members.

Template Documentation

We can provide you with a range of templates, from terms of business to privacy polices and template letters for your clients.

20 Active Regional Groups

We have 20 active groups across the UK which meet on a regular basis and are all ran by members of the Society. Attending your regional groups gives you access to engaging speakers and topics for your benefit and all meetings award CPD.

Online CPD

Every month we upload a free quiz which includes an extensive fact sheet and 15 multiple choice questions. Completing the quiz counts for CPD, even if you don’t meet the pass mark!

Sure Will Writer

Sure Will Writer – Professional Will Suite is a cloud-based drafting solution which includes a full CRM system, invoicing, SMS notifications and much more. It’s a complete estate planning package.

Digital Inheritance Vault

The Safe4 Digital Inheritance Vault enables you to safely store client wills and other documents online so you and your client can access them securely from anywhere at any time.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Members of the Society have access to our exclusive Professional Indemnity Insurance policies through our partner Marsh Commercial. We’ve been partnered with our insurers for over a decade and they offer the most comprehensive cover available to Will Writers today.

Public Helpline

If your clients are ever in need of assistance or some advice, they can call or email us at any time and we’ll be there to help – subject to office opening hours.

Skipton Building Society

We’re working with Skipton Building Society to help bring financial advice to more people than ever before. As a member of the Society, you can sign up as an introducer to Skipton and refer any of your clients to them for any financial advice needs they might have.

Membership Grades

Each membership grade denotes its holders experience


As an affiliate member you would work as an instruction taker, passing on clients instructions to be drafted by your full member. You cannot be an affiliate in your own right.

Full MemberMSWW

As a full member you would be responsible for the instruction taking as well as the drafting. All full members must carry Professional Indemnity Insurance to a minimum cover of £2 million. Full members can apply for insurance with our partner, Marsh Commercial.


Associate membership is a legacy grade which equated to full membership with evidence of more experience and a more advanced knowledge. The SWW no longer awards this grade to members and instead advises Full members to upgrade to Fellow.


Fellow membership is an upgraded level of Full membership and is the highest level of membership that can be applied for. To become a Fellow you must meet certain criteria and undergo a series of stringent application, submission and interview processes to be accepted.


You may be invited by the board to become a companion member, however this would be at their discretion and cannot be applied for. This grade comes from a long and distinguished service to the profession.

Membership Costs

What are the fees for membership?


Affiliate membership costs £85 per year and is paid by annual direct debit.


Full membership costs £325 per year and is paid by monthly or annual direct debit.

Application Process

Ready to get started?

Applying for Full membership:

  1. Download and complete the application form in full and return it to us including the direct debit mandate and supporting evidence
  2. We’ll write to your referees to confirm you are who you say you are
  3. Provide us with proof of your Professional Indemnity Insurance
  4. After completing our checks your application will go to the board for approval
  5. Once your application has been approved and your payment set up, you will be sent your welcome pack, certificate of compliance and membership ID card

Upgrading to Fellow membership:

The Society is now accepting applications from existing Full members (MSWW) to upgrade their membership to Fellow member (FSWW). For full details about the process, including timescales, deadlines and costs, please click the button below.

Applying for Affiliate membership:

Applying for affiliate membership differs slightly as your full member will need to complete part of the application form for you, but the process is very much the same.

  1. Download and complete the application form in full and return it to your full member to submit to us
  2. After completing our checks your application will go to the board for approval
  3. Once your application has been approved and your payment set up, you will be sent your welcome pack, certificate of compliance and membership ID card

All members are issued with photo ID cards, irrespective of grade. When applying you must provide us with 2 passport-style photos.

Timescales and Training

We aim to complete all applications for membership within 2 weeks of receiving the application, however this can vary depending on how quickly all the information we request is submitted.

When you apply for membership we require proof of proficiency to support your application. Ultimately the decision rests with the membership board but the following qualifications are considered:

Relevant industry experience may be considered also, however you may be asked to sit the Society entrance exam to provide proof of proficiency. It is worth remembering that we will always consider qualifications from other providers to see if they meet our minimum requirements, so be sure to note them on your application form.

Important Considerations

  • Membership is for you as an individual, not for your company. You cannot claim corporate membership unless everyone at the organisation involved in the will writing process is a member.
  • Applications for full membership bear a non-refundable £50 application fee which must be paid before your application is processed. There is also a £25 fee for the Society’s Public Indemnity Fund which will cover you in the event that you are unable to complete any work due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • You cannot be an affiliate member in your own right so you must work alongside a full member, or apply for full membership yourself.
  • Affiliate membership cannot be transferred to other organisations, you must reapply under the new organisation or upgrade to full membership.

About The Society of Will Writers

The Society of Will Writers is a non-profit making self-regulatory organisation whose primary objectives are the advancement, education and ethical standards within the will writing profession.

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