The Public Indemnity Fund

Every full member of the Society of Will Writers pays into a fund upon application to the Society for the benefit of their future clients and consumer protection. 

The Society of Will Writers guarantee that in the event of serious or critical illness; death or bankruptcy that any client has paid for work will have their contract fulfilled*. 

This is what makes SWW members ‘safe to do business with’.


*Terms and Conditions

The guarantee is limited to Wills and associated services or lasting powers of attorney only.

It does not apply to lifetime settlements also known as lifetime trusts.

Probate services are specifically excluded from the guarantee. 

A member who through illness is unable to complete a contract to supply Wills or Power of Attorneys is to advise the Society of Will Writers immediately.

A member who dies without fulfilling any outstanding and paid for contracts, their executors should advise the SWW as soon as possible. The SWW at its discretion may make a claim on the me1mbers estate for any costs incurred in fulfilling the contract

A member who is in financial difficulty for any reason which may result in a voluntary arrangement or bankruptcy should notify the SWW as soon as possible.  Where the member has taken fees in advance and is unable to complete the contract, the SWW may at its absolute discretion assist. The SWW may register as a creditor for any costs incurred.