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Drum roll, please! After months of hard work behind the scenes, we’re excited to announce our latest additions to The Estate Planner’s Toolkit.

What’s New!
  • Discretionary Trust video

In this video, we show the diverse range of reasons why your clients may benefit from a discretionary trust and give two examples of a discretionary trust being set up in life and by will. It emphasises to clients why they need to pick their trustees carefully and why they need your professional advice in deciding whether a discretionary trust is right for them. A great addition to your website and can be used in appointments too.

  • What happens to my property when I die?

This factsheet explains the different outcomes for sole owners, joint owners and tenants in common. It highlights the importance of ensuring your clients have an up-to-date will and introduces opportunities for asset protection.

  • Deed of Variation

A deed of variation can help families deal with inheritance tax and achieve fairer outcomes. This factsheet contains an easy-to-follow comparison to show the tax benefits of a deed of variation versus making a gift following inheritance.

  • LPA Frequently Asked Questions

This double-sided factsheet answers practical questions about using an LPA, how attorneys make decisions, can my attorneys make gifts, what happens if they disagree and more!

  • Updated Trust factsheets. Our will trust factsheets (Protective Property Trust, Flexible Life Interest Trust, Discretionary Trust and Vulnerable Persons Trust) have been updated to include a brief note on Trust Registration requirements and our FLIT factsheet now includes additional detail on the availability of the Residence Nil Rate Band.
  • Revamped Tax Overviews: We’ve enhanced all our trust tax overviews to include a real life example that will help your client understand how a VPT / PPT / FLIT / DT is taxed. It brings the taxation of trusts to life!
There’s more in our toolkit than ever before!

Thanks to the support of our existing toolkit customers and The Society of Will Writer’s technical team, we’ve now got twenty-two factsheets covering probate, business, trustees, intestacy, guardianship, will trusts, inheritance tax and much more.

Our four videos (Lasting Power of Attorney, Protective Property Trust, Probate and Discretionary Trust) are perfect for use on your website, during appointments (virtually or in person), presentations and more.

Remember that all our factsheets and videos will be branded with your logo and contact details to make you look the expert. An effortless way for you to have professionally designed and expertly written marketing resources without the time, hassle and expense of creating your own.

We also have an online video course, ‘How to Create a Successful Will & Estate Planning business’ , ideally suited to those new to the industry or wanting to develop an online presence.

How can I benefit from these fantastic products?

Choose between buying individual items or save money with our great value packages. Our premier toolkit remains our most popular option to get started with, but the choice is totally yours!

If you want to build your toolkit monthly, our membership option can help you do this. We all know how quickly time flies by, so maintaining your monthly membership will soon build up a significant set of resources.

Got a question? Want to find out more?

Book a no-obligation demo to learn how The Estate Planner’s Toolkit can help you save time, increase sales, and enhance your brand. Please browse our website to see samples of our factsheets and videos and read the many testimonials from will and estate planning practitioners (new and established) from across the country about how the toolkit is helping them to make running their will writing business easier.

Claudine Jackson LLB Hons TEP

Creator of The Estate Planner’s Toolkit


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