Client Guarantee – From the SWW.

If you aren’t confident in your Will Writer or Estate Planner, walk away. It is important that you feel comfortable with the person helping with your estate plan. Especially if this is a service that you are paying for!


If you have recently seen a Will Writer and are not sure if you would like to proceed, remember that under the Consumer Contract Regulations 2013 you have a statutory period of 14 days (cooling off period) in which you can cancel your contract.

Unless you have signed a document stating that you would like the Will Writer to commence work during the cooling off period you will be entitled to a 100% refund of any fees paid if you cancel the agreement. Please note that the cancellation of this agreement must be done so in accordance with the Terms of Business provided by the Will Writer. For example: ‘Your cancellation must be in writing’…

If no terms of business have been provided then it may be deemed that you have not entered into a contract at all.


When conducting their business an SWW member will act with integrity and in accordance with the SWW member principles and Code of Practice.

As a result of the Society of Will Writers Guarantee, in the event of illness or insolvency a member’s clients will have their contracts fullfilled by the SWW*. This means that you will never be left without the documents that you have paid for*. This guarantee* provides confidence for anyone using a member of the SWW and is what makes the SWW stand out as the premier self-regulatory body for Will Writers.


For more information on the SWW Guarantee and for the *terms and conditions please click HERE.


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