The death of a loved one can be a testing time for anyone. Not knowing where a friend or family members Will is can add to the stress of the situation. #LostWill

Here are a few things that might make the search easier:

  • Check the testators paperwork. Look for copies of the Will that might indicate where it is stored.
  • Check with their bank or solicitor.
  • Search the National Will Archive who have over 100,000 documents in store. This is the storage facility for the Society of Will Writers.
  • Search through the Will Register UK. They are a selected partner of the Society of Will Writers and may be able to tell you the location of the Will. They perform a search within a radius of the deceased home contacting Will Writers, Estate Planners and Solicitors.
  • Ask at Kings Court Trust if they have it in store.
  • Perform a search on Certainty’s website.

Tell tale signs that a Will exists include:

  • Copies of the document can be found in the deceased’s records.
  • Receipts or invoices in with financial records
  • Certificates of Safe Storage – These are provided by the National Will Archive with registration numbers. They also provide executors with credit card style cards notifying them of the location of the document.
  • Conversations had been had that the deceased had written a Will.

For further advice or support contact The Society of Will Writers on 01522 678 888 or email [email protected]

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