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The Society of Will Writers was set up in April of 1994 as a trade association for Will Writers, more commonly known as a membership body providing a voluntary framework of regulation. The SWW has attracted a large number of professionals who care about providing a high quality of service and protection for their clients.

The SWW regulate using 3 mandatory requirements:

  1. Adherence to the SWW Code of Practice
  2. Proof of Professional Indemnity Insurance (meeting the SWW requirement of £2m)
  3. Self-development by way of training (24 hours per year)

The Society’s Code of Practice is the rule book providing standards by which all members are measured. It details what is expected of a member in their dealings with a client.

A lot of the information contained within the document is common sense and best practice, i.e. 2.6 – ‘In the conduct of a member’s business the member shall act with integrity, objectivity and courtesy and shall do nothing to bring the name of the Society into disrepute’, but it also details the relevant legislation members should adhere to, as well as information that should be provided to clients.

We find that in our dealings with complaints about a member, of which there are very few, a member of the public will be aware of the contents of the SWW’s Code and will use this if they feel a member has breached their duties.

The SWW’s Code of Practice is a living document and is subject to change and when changes are made, the membership are informed by email bulletin.

All members on application are required to read the Code of Practice and sign a declaration agreeing to adhere to it. This is how our membership department are able to hold members to account if they don’t follow the SWW guidance.

If someone is not compliant with the SWW’s code then the membership department works with them to work on compliance issues. If members continue to fall below standards expected of an SWW member then the SWW sees no place for them amongst our membership.

Being a member of the SWW is about more than mandatory regulation and proving that you’re safe to do business with. It is about working with the SWW who provide a support network for passionate professionals who care about helping their clients.

The Code of Practice is also located on the SWW website: https://www.willwriters.com/code-of-practice/

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