The majority of us look forward to Christmas and have something to be thankful for, but of course, there are those less fortunate and it’s important that in this, the season of good will, that they aren’t forgotten. Yesterday, SWW Director General Brian McMillan continued the Society of Will Writer’s tradition of donating to the Nomad Trust in Lincoln, as they have done for well over 10 years.

A team from the SWW’s head office delivered a range of festive delights for the Nomad Trust’s homeless shelter. The goodies included huge blocks of cheese, meat joints, fruit, veg, and chocolate. Essentially everything that we all enjoy at Christmas.

Commenting on the delivery Brian said “The Nomad Trust do a great job all year around and are up against it at Christmas so it’s nice that we can do just a little to help.”. He added “My team are particularly pleased to get involved and always offer to help with delivering the goods to the centre on Monks Road”.

The team at The Society of Will Writers and the organisations we work with sincerely hope that everyone at the Nomad Trust and all its visitors have a great Christmas.

For those of you interested in more information about the Nomad Trust visit their website:


*Remember that you can leave charitable gifts in your Will and support the charities you care about after you have gone. Organisations like CAF can assist you with this by managing a trust for you. Your Will should be written by a professional to ensure that your estate passes in accordance with your wishes. It is wise that you choose someone who adheres to a Code of Practice and a regulatory framework like an SWW member.


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