Sure Will Writer Update September 2021

13th September 2021Siobhan Rattigan-Smith4

There have been a range of exciting new updates to Sure Will Writer released this month. These updates aim to add more functionality to the CRM system and offer some quality-of-life improvements. The full list of updates is below.

  1. A clause to gift 10% of the net estate to charity to qualify for a reduced rate of IHT has been added.

This can be found in the ‘estate administration/residue’ section of the will questionnaire. Starting here:


  1. A credit and credit management system has been added to easily manage payments for users using the print and bind service or exceeding the free SMS limit.

This can be found in the company settings under ‘credit overview’. Here you can add credit to your account and view a log of what has been used, when, and by which users.

Please note that users are still entitled to 50 free SMSs per user per month so no credit it required for this.

  1. Stripe integration is here

Invoice with Stripe and allow your clients to make secure payments online via a link in the invoice produced by Sure Will Writer.

  1. Search Icon/bar to be able to find cases from anywhere

A new search bar has been added to the top ribbon to make searching for cases easier no matter where in the system you are. No need to go back to the home screen to search.

  1. Lockable pipeline steps

Admin users can now add an extra security feature to their software by only allowing specific users to progress certain steps on pipelines. For example, a user who only drafts documents but doesn’t send them or communicate directly with clients can be limited so that they can only progress the pipeline as far as the ‘draft’ stage. This can be found in your company settings under ‘pipelines’ and shows as an option when creating or editing a stage in a pipeline of any kind.

  1. We have added default CRM fields to the system

Pre-built bundles of CRM fields can be added easily. You can also build your own groups and can still add your own custom CRM fields individually. This can be found in your company settings under ‘CRM fields’. Choose ‘system defaults’ from the drop-down menu to see:

You can then toggle on the groups you want or toggle them all on. They’ll then show in the overview section for your clients.

  1. Added a user CPD log

Users can now log all the CPD they complete within the system. You can include the type of CPD, the topic, date, hours completed, and even upload any certificates. All of this can then be downloaded as a CSV file when needed, for example when completing your annual audit if you are an SWW Member. This can be found in your user settings under ‘CPD log’.

  1. Tasks – Improvements to the task creation,

Users are now able to assign tasks to cases (not just using pipelines) and have a task section in every case to keep track of tasks within each case. The task overview is still present at the top of the home page.

  1. Appointment location preposition

When booking an appointment and sending a notification via the system you can now change the preposition to either ‘at’ or ‘via’ to take account of the fact that meetings may be happening remotely. e.g. the location can now state ‘via Zoom’ or ‘at ADDRESS’.

  1. Export address book functionality

Case address books may now be exported to a CSV file for easier extraction of data.

  1. Improved UI in CRM fields (tabular format).
  2. Fixed import issues.
  3. Added not equal to as case filter for improved search.
  4. You can now download letter templates from the admin area.
  5. Added a due date column to tasks being created on the pipeline.
  6. Interaction log now automatically logs all correspondence made via Sure Will Writer or via linked 3rd party accounts

Coming soon…

  • ‘Connect’ client portal integration to allow your clients to complete forms like pre-appointment questionnaires and sign terms of business. Designed to make gathering information from your clients and communicating with them throughout the process as quick and easy as possible.
  • Additional will clause options


Siobhan Rattigan-Smith

After graduating from the University of Lincoln with a 2:1 in Law in 2014 Siobhan has dedicated herself to will writing as the head of the Society’s technical team. Siobhan is also the lead tutor for The College of Will Writing, teaching a handful of courses including our SWWEPP 4-day introductory course.


  • Kam Samji

    14th September 2021 at 12:12 pm

    Awesome. Some really good improvements. Thank you, team.


  • Paul Stanford

    15th September 2021 at 11:02 am

    Thanks! These are really useful updates – certainly makes the gifting of 10% to charity easier than before! .. and looking forward to the upcoming portal integration 🙂


  • John Franklin

    16th September 2021 at 12:44 pm

    really pleased to see the new Stripe integration feature and looking forward to using it!


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