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It’s the long awaited launch of the new offering from The Society of Will Writers and Estate Planning Practitioners. Sure Will Writer – Professional Will Suite launches today. Interested parties can take a free 7 day trial of the software and begin using the package.


The new Sure Will Writer website – lists all the features and benefits of the system and enables estate planners to begin using the system.


We would like to encourage all users to remember that this system is supported by the SWW for both technical advice as well as meaning that active users can help us to continue to develop the system. The SWW take pride in the software we offer to members. We understand the changing market place which is why we have opted for a system that has the capability to produce not only Wills, but opting for one with an in built CRM and client appointment booking system.



We carefully select our software providers to ensure that the SWW has flexibility to make any changes that we deem necessary, hence us describing it as a live environment system. Prior to the launch, WillSuite – the service provider, have been very hard at work to introduce the changes requested by the SWW’s technical team and there will be more to come.


Users will be able to benefit from an evolving software package which will see an instruction taking app go live 4 weeks from today.


We look forward to hearing your thoughts – [email protected].


Sign up for a trial at or email [email protected]



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