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By now I’m sure you’ve heard of the Society of Will Writer’s fully endorsed and supported will writing software, Sure Will Writer – Professional Will Suite. We first launched Sure Will Writer in August 2017 and I’m proud to say that in the last two years it’s grown and developed immensely. It’s grown into more than just will writing software and into a full estate planning package, and some credit for this must go to our users and the valuable feedback they have provided over the years.

Sure Will Writer is cloud based allowing you to access it across multiple devices. There’s no need to download it to your computer or laptop, all you need is your log in details and an internet connection and you’re good to go!

You can use the software to draft wills of varying complexity. All the way from your simple mirror wills up to PPTs, FLITs, and complex business trusts. There’s already a vast library of clauses built into the system, but should you ever need something a little bit unusual that hasn’t already been catered for you have the full support of the SWW’s technical advice team who’s help can be accessed by sending a request via the software. You can also add clauses to your own custom library so they’re ready just for you in future.

It’s more than just will writing software though. There’s also the facility to draft LPAs of all types and their supporting documents, as well as Advance Decisions, Severance documents and Letters of Wishes. On top of all that the software will also automatically produce a commentary for your wills and signing guides for your wills and LPAs to make explaining attestation to your clients easy.

Being able to create all the documents you need within one piece of software is great, but what about managing your time and your clients? That’s why Sure Will Writer also includes a customisable Client Relationship Management (CRM) system that you can tailor to suit your businesses needs. It’s all designed to make your life easier, and the features include but are by no means limited to:

  • A pipeline to help you manage your client journey for each type of document
  • Automated notifications to send reminders and updates to you and your clients
  • A task management system to help you keep on top of things
  • Customisable CRM fields so you can keep track of what YOU want to
  • A simple invoicing system
  • Custom letter templates – Build your own suitability letters
  • Integrated appointment booking – send SMS and email confirmations automatically
  • Optional Office 365 integration to keep track of your interactions with clients within their file
  • Bulk import of existing client data
  • Facility to filter and export cases using criteria you set e.g. ask the system to show you all clients who don’t have a funeral plan

All of this within the price of your monthly subscription – we don’t believe in bolt-ons. If you’d like to try Sure Will Writer for yourself visit and register for a no obligation 14 day free trial today, or if you have any questions at all about the system just get in touch!

Siobhan Rattigan-Smith

After graduating from the University of Lincoln with a 2:1 in Law in 2014 Siobhan has dedicated herself to will writing as the head of the Society’s technical team. Siobhan is also the lead tutor for The College of Will Writing, teaching a handful of courses including our SWWEPP 4-day introductory course.

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