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27th September 2017The Society of Will Writers0

Here at the National Will Archive we are a friendly, honest and experienced team dealing with members of the public on a daily basis.

To use the storage facility all you need to do is either download the Custody Registration form from our Web site National Will Archive or contact us by email on [email protected] and we will send you one.  When you have documents ready for storage complete the Custody Registration form and sent it to our Blackwood Court address.  Once this has been received we will check the documents to make sure they have been signed, dated and witnessed correctly, if there are any problems the document will be returned to yourself with a letter advising of what needs to be done.  It will be issued with a unique reference number and we will send you a Sales Order advising you what we have received for that Client/s.  All documents and custody registration form are scanned on, a copy of the documents are attached to the client/s record.   When this has been input onto our storage database we will then send you a Certificate of Custody with 2 Executor Cards, if further Cards are require just let us know and we can sort that for you.  There is of course the additional service that we now offer of your clients with their data information being held at Certainty as long as your clients agree to share their information, so if anything happens to you or your company this will make it easier to locate your clients Will.

What document do you store?

 It’s more than just Will storage at the National Will Archive. We are able to store a number of different document alongside the Wills like: Powers of Attorney, Advance Directive, Codicil, and Memo/Expression of Wishes.  We have also been known to storage financial information, insurance documents and photos of jewellery for either insurance purpose or just so the beneficiary receive the item.  If you were at last year’s conference you may also remember that we are now offering to store your client Will Instruction and any notes that may have been made during the drafting process – this should help clear some office space.

How do I retrieve Documents?

 We understand that from time to time documents that are being held in storage may be needed for whatever reason: rewrite, death or they longer want to store as they have a safe.  This is not a problem, we are able to release documents with an email from the member.  If your client has decided to rewrite their Will, once you have completed the new Will send it to us we will exchange the old Will of the new and return the old Will to yourself with a replacement Certificate of Custody.  If your client has passed away we can return to the member with an email, however we would like to see a copy of the death certificate at some point.  Or if the main Executor is claiming the Will we will need a signed letter and a copy of the death certificate, this will then be returned by recorded delivery.  When Property Deeds need returning these are always returned via Special delivery.

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