Skipton Delighted to Attend SWW Conference

Louise Newton, a Financial Adviser at Skipton Building Society, was delighted to attend the Society of Will Writers Conference earlier in October and meet with delegates to discuss the Financial Advice services she offers.

Louise explains, “I met so many great people on the day and we had some brilliant conversations about how I can support their business by offering financial advice to their clients. It was really heartening to hear some great stories that showed just how much Society of Will Writers members care about their clients’ futures. We discussed the way our two organisations could work together to help members do even more for their clients.”

If you’d like to know more about how becoming an introducer for Skipton Building Society could benefit you and your clients, here’s how it works:

  1. Clients you recommend can receive a free initial consultation to see if financial advice is right for them. Minimum investment limits apply – Skipton’s financial advice is available for customers who have either a £20,000 lump sum/£500 a month to invest, or have a pension with at least £50,000 or have £400 a month to invest into a pension.
  2. If they agree they’d benefit from a financial advice appointment, an adviser will review their financial goals and how their plans stack up.
  3. Your client receives recommendations personalised to their circumstances, including appetite for risk and reward.
  4. You can be confident of recommending Skipton’s services. Your clients will be under no pressure to act on Skipton’s advice – or have to pay an upfront fee to hear it. A charge only applies if they take up a recommendation.
  5. As a thank you to you for recommending Skipton to your client, we will pay you an introducer fee if they choose to take up our advice on planning their future.

Louise continues, “There are loads of really good reasons to work with us. If you discover your clients have money set aside for the future and might benefit from some expert help, recommending them to Skipton could help them to achieve their long-term goals.”

From early retirement to financial stability, paying for university fees, to leaving a legacy for loved ones. Being an introducer can support your business revenue streams – and give extra value to your clients, which can in turn help you enhance the reputation of your business.

Skipton offer’s Investment Planning, Retirement/Pension planning and Inheritance Tax Planning advice. Investing with our advice does mean placing capital at risk. If you think any of our services could be a good fit for your clients, or if you just want to find out more about how it all works, please get in touch with Louise using the details below.

07966865193 | [email protected]










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