There are many reasons you may choose to enter the profession of Will Writing and more specifically, join the Society of Will Writers.  The Society are the largest self-regulatory body governing the profession of Will writing and estate planning which must mean we’re doing something right.

The Society has two main functions. We are both regulatory and representative. This means that we represent our members in front of the general public by providing information about Will Writing and Estate Planning.  At the same time we train our members and provide technical and business support for them.  In return they subscribe to our Code of Practice and membership principles.


By far the biggest benefit of SWW membership is the FREE and UNLIMITED technical support we provide to our full members. This means that if they have any questions on a case they are working on or a clause they would like for a Will they are writing then they are welcome to approach the Society’s technical advisers and they will receive a response within 48 hours that they can rely on.  Members have said that as a benefit of membership, this is incredible. They added “to approach a solicitor for this advice would ordinarily cost £150 per hour at least and it’s great that it is included within my membership fee” – JC.


In addition to this you get access to industry leading training and tutors, software, updates on the profession, support documentation, comprehensive insurance, and marketing assistance.


Over the last couple of years we’ve seen an influx of financial services professionals moving into the industry.

There is plenty drawing people to the industry aside from the support that the SWW are able to provide. People are drawn by the prospects of being their own boss, and running their own business. The benefits of this are that they have the flexibility to work hours that fit in with family or other commitments. More often these days this is an attractive proposition.

If you would like an information pack please email: [email protected] or click here.

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