The Society of Will Writers have been in existence for over 21 years. In that time it has grown to become the largest independent trade association of its type regulating nearly 1800 members.


Over the years in the absence of any formal statutory regulation for the Will writing profession, Brian McMillan, Director General for the Society of Will Writers has implemented a number of consumer safeguards and the SWW objectives mean that the team and its members continue to strive for better consumer protection.


As well as providing a robust complaints procedure, code of practice and entry requirements, Brian and the steering committee (The Executive Council) chaired by Nick Honeyman Brown introduced a Public Indemnity Fund designed to provide the consumer with assistance should the member they were dealing with go into liquidation, fall ill or sadly die.


The fund, made up of one off contributions from all members provides that should a member be unable to complete work for a client then it will pay for the work to be completed by another member.


One thing the fund is unable to do, is to provide financial remuneration to the client but SWW DG Brian is keen to ensure that no member client should ever be left without the legal documents they have paid for.

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