As part of the Society of Will Writers 25th anniversary year, we are again revisiting IFA’s and other professions in the financial services sector. For years, IFA’s felt providing Wills for their clients was a waste of time and resources, especially when they could be out selling their own products. Today the market is totally different so if you still have these ideas, it’s possibly time to think again.

  • Are you in financial services?
  • Do you advise on mortgages?
  • Are you an accountant?

If you are any of the above, it’s almost certain your clients need up to date Wills, Powers of Attorney or Probate advice in the case of a family death.

You could be missing a trick by advising your clients to go to a solicitor or write their own Wills (incidentally the highest number of Wills to fail at probate are DIY Wills), when in fact you can stay in control of your clients by creating the documents yourself or utilising one of the many options available to Society members today.

Call now on 01522 687888 or email [email protected] and request a chat, and let us show you what is on offer and most importantly how you can increase your client base and your potential earnings.

Brian W McMillan
Director General
The Society of Will Writers & Estate Planning Practitioners

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