Are you looking for a new career ahead of the New Year?

Do you want something flexible to fit around existing commitments?

Are you looking for a little extra income?


Is the answer to these questions is YES then a career as a Will Writer (more commonly known as a ‘Estate Planning Consultant’) could be for you.

We are a membership organisation for Will Writers and regulate and train 1800 members across the country and in fact around the world.



The Society of Will Writers offers training to industry professionals and those looking to join the profession. As such we have developed specialist courses like our SWWEPP Introductory course. Our training courses are affordable and the support provided by tutors and College staff will ensure you feel confident when meeting clients.


Whether this is an add-on to your business or you are starting a fresh our staff have years of industry experience and are more than happy to provide advice to consider when starting out.


We firmly believe in making our costs as manageable as possible. If you would like to talk about these costs please call a member of our team on 01522 68 78 88 or email [email protected]

  1. I am currently working for a big company as a funeral consultant, now we have become estate planning consultants with very brief training, however they’ve announced imminenet redundancies, so ive decided to go independent and study to do this professionally so my question is ,how, when, and how much will it be to take an exam in will writing, and also to provide other legal services, I will only be taking instructions , I guess, and then ill be affiliated to a member I guess, id love some advice thanks,

    1. The Society of Will Writers

      Hi Laura,

      Thanks for your questions. Sorry to hear about the announced redundancies.

      To become a member of the SWW (The Society of Will Writers) there are a number of different routes to market. I will send you our information pack via email which will give you information as to the costs associated with each approach. I would be more than happy to schedule a call after to discuss this,

      Many thanks,


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