Will Writing is a great opportunity and often attracts a multitude of people from financial advisors, mortgage brokers, bank workers, accountants, law graduates as well as ex-service personnel to name a few professions.


Those joining the profession are often shocked by the number of services they can offer their prospective clients and the realistic earning potential. Estate Planners offer not only Wills, but LPA’s, Trusts, Funeral Plans and Storage hence why we no longer use the term Will Writer and refer where possible to our members as estate planning professionals.


If you’re new to the industry and setting out to start a business in estate planning and Will writing then using the support of the Society of Will Writers is a sensible solution. As well as adhering to our 3 mandatory requirements to show your clients that you’re ‘safe to do business with’ you will get a host of benefits including free and unlimited technical advice*.


Recently we have introduced an Enterprise Opportunity for those who would like assistance in developing and growing their business. Our opportunity gives you the opportunity to become a full member of the SWW and get support with the drafting of your client’s documents**. This gives you the confidence of knowing your clients documents are technically accurate and insured and frees up time for you to grow your business.

The Society of Will Writers through the College of Will Writing offer Open days to discover more about the opportunities available to you. If you’d like to arrange an informal meeting to discuss this opportunity please email Tom Stansfield or call 01522 68 78 88.


SWW Enterprise Opportunity


*Technical advice extends to Will Writing and Lasting Power of Attorney. It does not extend to Lifetime Trusts. Advice on this should be sought from your product provider.

**Your documents will be drafted by The College of Will Writing.


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