Gifting at Christmas


The History of Christmas

Christmas is a festive holiday traditionally celebrated over 12 days (Christmas Tide) culminating on the twelfth night. The celebration centres around the birth of Christ which is celebrated on the 25th December. Over recent years Christmas has become a commercial phenomenon recognised by the giving and receiving of gifts.

It is a time where families come together to share in the festive spirit (sometimes quite literally).

Writing a Will

When spending time with family over Christmas we find that it really makes you thankful for what you have. As a time of giving, what better way than remembering your family, friends and charities in your Will. If you don’t have a Will then it’s the perfect time to write one or to consider this as a New Years resolution. If you would like to seek advice from a professionally trained Will Writer speak to a member of the Society of Will Writers.

You will get peace of mind knowing that your affairs are in order. Make sure you feel comfortable with your Will Writer or Estate Planner. Ask for I.D, ensure they are regulated, trained and insured. Don’t be scared to check up on them with their regulatory body.

Look out for this logo:

Safe to do business with

Gifting during your life

If you’re in the mood to give generously then there are ways to gift effectively during your lifetime.  Give careful consideration to monetary gifts.  If you are giving money this Christmas over the value of £3,000 (combined gifts) then you should consider the seven year rule. In layman’s terms, throughout the course of a tax year you are entitled to give away money up to the value of your tax free allowance (£3,000). Anything over this value is known as a Potentially Exempt Transfer (PET) for inheritance tax purposes. As such for these gifts to fall outside of your estate you must survive for seven years.

You can of course give gifts of up to £250 to an unlimited amount of people without affecting your personal allowance.



Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year!

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