It is my privilege and pleasure to announce that Anthony Thomas Belcher has accepted my invitation to form the new Board of Directors as a full Executive Director as from the 1st  November 2019 as Marketing Director.

Anthony has been with the Society and working closely with me and as a highly regarded member of the team for over three years.

His degree is based in audio production and he has over a decade of experience in design, and as such the Society has utilised his talent and services almost to the limit, although he assures me he has plenty still to give.

His latest project is working with Siobhan and Manisha in producing the first of our planned technical videos which will be available to members very soon.

Anthony is a person I know will work well with the team and the members alike, he is well trusted, liked and respected with an unflappable nature and calm approach to problems.

I hope you will join me in congratulating Anthony on his promotion, and I for one am looking forward to us working closely in the coming months and years to come.

Brian W McMillan
Director General

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