Executor Solutions are exhibiting at our conference this year. Here’s what they do:

“Executor Solutions work with Will Writers, Estate planners, Solicitors and consultants across the UK, assisting with the sale of property for matters such as Probate, Trust, Court of Protection and Lasting Power of Attorney. We will look after everything, from initial valuation right up to the marketing and progressing of the sale. We are also able to organise house clearances, maintenance and weekly/ bi-weekly inspections as well as arranging insurance, auctions and the disposal of cars. There really is nothing property related Executor Solutions cannot deal with!
We have a team of highly dedicated, professional and knowledgeable experts who, in turn provide a high quality service.

SWW Trust Corporation use our services, Carmen Cottingham says this of us:
“Since Incorporation 11 years ago we have used several Service Providers to assist with our property requirements. As a company that pride ourselves on our quality of service, we have always found ourselves chasing these Service Providers to move matters forward as quickly as possible.
Our decision to move to Executor Solutions is undoubtedly the best decision we made. It is so refreshing to have a company that pride themselves on their quality service as much as we do!
Valuations are back within 48 hours and expertly presented. Sales times have improved ten-fold but most importantly the level of communication is fantastic.

The MD at Executor Solutions recently asked me the question ‘what can we do to improve our service?’, my honest answer was the service is outstanding and there are no improvements to be made.
I would strongly recommend Executor Solutions to anyone requiring Assent Management”.

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