When the Society of Will Writers opened its doors in April of 1994 it had a relatively simple objective – ‘To be a representative body whilst providing protection to the consumer’.

23 years on, the SWW has grown to become the largest organisation of its type providing a regulatory framework to over 1700 members.

Every single member of the SWW is required in accordance with our Code of Practice to keep their knowledge up to date and regularly train themselves. Whilst members don’t have to use the SWW for their CPD (continuous professional development) we’re seeing an influx of practitioners visiting the College of Will Writing.

20 years after the SWW began supporting Will Writers and Estate Planning firms its training arm opened up the first dedicated training facility. The College of Will Writing building officially opened on the 1st January 2014 and has had well over 1000 students through its doors over the last 3 years.

The College of Will Writing has adopted a quote from SWW Director General Brian McMillan where he said ‘Your investment in knowledge is your key to success’. Brian stated that ‘if a member takes their responsibilities seriously then they will continue to keep their knowledge up to date. It does not matter where they train themselves as long as they keep up to date and use credible and reputable providers’. He added that ‘It has long since changed from the days where Wills were essentially transferable from one client to another and all you needed to do was change the name. Ever more complex family situations and ever greater and more complex wealth means that more and more people are seeking inheritance tax advice. This means that SWW members need to remain in tune with current legislation and the SWW seek to assistance where possible with articles, training material and up to date courses.’

For anyone interest in topping up their knowledge then the College of Will Writing offer 9 different courses which will enable you to offer new products and services to clients as well as expanding your knowledge on key subjects like Inheritance Tax, Trusts as well as Commercial Estate Planning.


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