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Bear with us on this one.

BT (British Telecom) are ahead of the game…

…they have invested heavily in online platforms such as Snapchat, targeting it as part of their main marketing strategy for the coming five to ten years. They think that by targeting an arena which younger people use on an everyday basis, they are engaging with their future clients in a way that they might’ve missed out on otherwise. Clever this may be, but how is it relevant to members of the SWW? you might be thinking.

(We said bear with us…)

As professionals within an industry that probably hasn’t changed too dramatically over the decades, you also need to think about engaging with your future clients right now, so that you’re ready to meet their needs and demands, and to take their payments. It’s about future proofing your services, ensuring that you are accessible for the next ten years, and then for the next twenty years (and so on). The fifteen and sixteen-year-olds of today, will be the twenty or thirty somethings of tomorrow, looking to start families, begin careers, buy homes and ultimately, use your services to write their wills.

No one likes to think about the inevitability of death, which is perhaps the reason why will writing has remained consistent for a very long time. One thing that is always changing though, is the banking and payment habits of the general public. Cheques are going, going and soon to be gone altogether. People don’t like logging into their apps and online banking to make payments. They’re looking for a much more quick, slick and hassle-free way to pay for products and services, and the will writing industry is no different.

That’s where Direct Pay come in to the equation.

Our bespoke packages, carefully designed for SWW members, allow you to take control of your payment options right now, with online payment links and secure methods that will appeal to the customers of tomorrow.

The young recruit setting off for a career in the army, looking to protect their family’s future in case the worst should happen, they’ll be looking for this type of payment method right now. The young professional couple looking to start a family of their own in the next few years, they’ll be looking to you for secure, stress free methods as well in due course. The teenagers on Snapchat, they’re probably not thinking about writing a will right now…

…but one day they’ll have to, and as a member of the SWW, you need to make sure that you’re ready to accommodate their preferences.

The team at Direct Pay are ready and waiting to help SWW members future proof their payment methods.

Does this sound like something you need to do? If so, speak to us today. In doing so, you’ll be future proofing your services, future proofing your business, and future proofing your income.

You don’t need to take to Snapchat to talk about wills, leave Snapchat to BT. You do need to do something though, and we can help you with that right now.


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