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The end of lockdown is in sight. The world is opening up. Are you ready?

Whilst summer holidays may still be on hold for a while, it does seem as though the people of the UK will soon be able to get on with their lives (at least within these isles) with more freedom than they’ve been allowed for a whole year.

So, what does that mean for you?

Well, just as pubs, restaurants and non-essential shops undoubtedly have to, you need to make sure that you are ready. Ready for increased spending. Ready for contactless and cashless transactions. Ready for the so called ‘new normal’.

Direct Pay’s bespoke services and products for SWW members are perfectly placed to help make sure that you are ready. Whether you’re still going to be meeting clients virtually, or if you’ll be resuming more face-to-face meetings over the coming months, we can make sure that both you and your clients feel safe and secure with our contactless, hardware-free payment methods.

As we said, pubs and restaurants will be updating their systems and technologies presently, ahead of what is predicted to be a busy summer, but for several very different reasons, members of the SWW need to do the same.

As far as we see it, the pandemic has given people the space to sit back and think about certain things… Not just about building a bar at the bottom of the garden, or just how difficult homeschooling is, but about big, life-affirming things too. For the first time in a generation, families have been confronted with their mortality. It’s been on the television, the radio and in the newspapers. The statistics have been unavoidable, and it’s certainly made people sit up and think about what would happen if they were to join that ever-growing number. It isn’t a nice thought, but it’s an important one, and that’s where you come in.

As you well know, people will be looking to the members of the SWW for guidance and reassurance, not just for the future, but for right now as well. Your clients have had the time and space to really focus on what they want to happen when the inevitable happens. They will be looking for the products and services you offer, of course they will, but they will also be looking for a level of customer service that goes above and beyond the norm. By updating and future-proofing your payment methods, you are taking that step towards total customer satisfaction.

The ease and effectiveness of Direct Pay’s bespoke systems and technologies will create a new level of trust and provide that extra professionalism clients are looking for. Members have direct access to support lines for trouble shooting, making the whole process failsafe from consultation to sale. It’s the perfect partnership.

Direct Pay’s commitment to our clients is as robust and reliable as SWW members’ commitment to their clients is. The chain is strong and with us on your side, you will be more than ready.


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