It is becoming ever more important for people to consider their digital assets, particularly when considering their Will.

As such, The Society has been working with Safe 4 – information management in creating an online tool for both the Will Writer and their client.

The tool, a Digital Inheritance Vault will provide a means of allowing the consumer to record any digital legacies that they wish to pass on. In essence nothing can go astray and the vaults contents will be made available to the executors on the death of the testator, for the distribution to beneficiaries.

Safe 4 – who are in the top 1% of websites online for security will be at our conference in October to explain how the system works and why it is a huge benefit and add-on for the storage package.

Still not convinced. The vault, once created is a means of communicating with your client, identifying when documents have been accessed, and will allow your client to upload their digital assets themselves, at the press of a button. Things like family recipes, old stories or jokes can be securely held and passed on to those that matter.

Digital storage is becoming ever more important and should be an important focal point worthy of your attention. It’s an additional service for your client and ultimately a residual income for your business.

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