At the start of October, Certainty the National Will Register attended its third Society of Will Writers Annual Conference. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet the society’s members and discuss the importance and benefits, that Will Registration and Certainty Will Search offers a professional Will writer.

It was also good to meet some of the Will Writers that had registered between them over 30,000 Wills in July 2019, increasing the registers’ total to 8.4 million Wills!

Will Writers register their clients’ Wills not only to protect against incorrect distribution of an estate because the existence of a Will or its location is unknown by the executors, but also to increase probate work or probate referral fees. If the Will can be quickly located and not overlooked, more probate work is won.

In 2018, the highest reported amount of additional probate work received, due to the Wills being registered by a single firm, was 86 probates. The firm stated that if their Wills had not been registered, then they would not have won the probate work (in the majority of cases, they would not have known their clients had died!)

To ensure your clients’ wishes are fulfilled because no matter what the Will can be found after their deaths and to commercially protect your future probate income, then consider registering your Wills.

To find out if you are entitled to free registration under the Society of Will Writers scheme please contact Nigel McGinnity on [email protected] or call 0330 100 3660.

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