Benefits of Using Sure Will Writer – Professional Will Suite

Sure Will Writer – Professional Will Suite has come a long way over the last 15 months or so since launch. What we wanted to provide was a piece of software that did much more than draft Wills without becoming over-complicated or costing the user any more than necessary. With every update, new feature (and the odd fix) along the way we’ve stuck to this model to provide what we believe to be the most comprehensive piece of drafting software on the market. With that in mind, here are just some of the benefits of using Sure Will Writer – Professional Will Suite.

  1. It’s cloud-based.

Many of you will no doubt be used to having to download a piece of software from the internet and install it on your computer. This has three main drawbacks – the first being that often software developers only produce their software for one platform. Second, you often need multiple licenses for each device you want to install the software on. Third, updates are often much less frequent.

With Sure Will Writer you only need a single licence. This means that you can access the software from any device that has an internet connection so whether you’re on a Windows PC, Apple Mac, mobile phone or tablet, you simply go to and click login. We can also update the software in the blink of an eye so there’s hardly ever any downtime. In fact, the longest the software has been offline for an update since launch is 12 seconds.

  1. More than just drafting software

Sure Will Writer can do so much more than produce Wills. Not only is it drafting software for Wills, LPAs, SEV forms, Advance Decisions; it’s also a CRM system with pipeline tracking, invoicing, appointment booking and so much more. We advertise it as the full estate planning package because it really can do all you need. Your home page serves as your marketing dashboard, displaying the number of clients and documents created, client heat map, invoices, pipeline overview, recent emails received, activity log, as well upcoming appointments. From here you can jump in and out of your cases which saves you so much time. A lot of the options can be customised as well, personalising the software to suit your business and individual clients’ needs.

  1. Support

We offer an extensive range of support features, most of which are built directly into the software. We’ve included full user manuals for navigation, customisation as well as drafting. If you can’t find your answer in there, we also have a selection of video guides. On top of that we have email support through our ‘request help’ feature. At any point you can click this and send in your query which goes directly to the SWW Technical Team. We also recently introduced a telephone clinic that operates between 1pm-3pm Monday-Friday, during which time you can call the office on 01522 687 888 and we’ll put you through to an available adviser who will talk you through your software queries. You can also attend a 1-day training course through the College of Will Writing which includes a practical demonstration as well as case studies to guide you through all of the software’s features.

  1. Transparent pricing

You only pay a single monthly fee based on the number of user licences required. This gives you unlimited access to the software and all its documents types and other features. No pay-per-document, no add-ons, and most importantly no lengthy contracts. You can cancel at any time. Prices start at £69+VAT for a single user (member rate), and then each additional user is just £30+VAT more.

If you haven’t trialled Sure Will Writer yet, or if you have and haven’t had chance to try all the new features, we’d be happy to get you up and running. If you’d also like a quick phone call once you’re set up to guide you through some of the features or to answer any questions you have, do let us know.

Sign up for your free 14-day no obligation trial by visiting or email [email protected].


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