If your thinking “its about time I wrote my Will”, read on. And if your thinking, as do the majority, “why should I, there is always tomorrow” then you definitely need to read on.

What are your options when making a Will?

  1. DIY – it is a fact that more Wills fail or are challenged when they have been done by a well-meaning amateur – you know what you want to do, but can you interpret that onto paper so that the law also knows and understands what you want. In todays world of more complex families, higher divorce rate, more couples living together, same sex relationships, the list goes on, do you really know the ramifications when it comes to former spouses, children, step children and anyone who considers themselves dependent on you and the challenges that can be brought against your estate at a time when you are unable to argue back.
  2. Use a professional. I’m not going into the where’s and why-for’s when it comes to whether using a solicitor is better than a professional Will Writer, simply that whoever you choose as a professional, ensure that they have the right qualifications and in the unlikely event of a complaint it will be dealt fairly and swiftly, i.e. they have the support and backing of a recognised body, such as the Society of Will Writers.

Using a professional Will Writer who is a member of the Society of Will Writers (SWW), ensures that the person who is attending you, will know and understand your needs and have the necessary expertise to advise you properly on how your Will should look and how it will work, especially if your estate is complex – although few people believe theirs are as they start the conversation with “I only need a simple Will!”.

The SWW was formed 24 years ago this month, to provide the public, the consumer, with a viable, safe and well qualified alternative to lawyers which traditionally has always been considered the only means available.

At the time the SWW started, and it is well documented that it would never last, and that Will Writing was “a disaster waiting to happen”, twenty four years on, there are no disasters, the levels of failed probate applications has not increased due to poorly drafted Wills, and the numbers of adults in England and Wales who now have a valid Will has in fact risen significantly.

Members of the SWW, collectively write approximately 250,000 Wills, LPA’s and other documents each year.

What has increased, and I touched on this earlier are the growing number of families, also referred to as blended families, where there are step children, children of previous relationships, former wives, husbands and civil partners, where a simple Will just won’t do. And whilst a good Will cannot stop a challenge, it will help the Court decide of the validity of any claim from a disgruntled member of the family or beyond.


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