The Society of Will Writers remain encouraged by continued growth.

Isn’t 2016 flying past so quickly?  It really only struck us how quickly when we were uploading the June online CPD test for members on Wednesday and realised that it was our 6th paper this year.

They say ‘time flies when you are having fun’. Time also seems to fly when you’re busy and reports from 3 of our members yesterday echo what we’ve found.  The general consensus is that business is good and there has never been a better time to enter the market.

The College of Will Writing is also busy.  The 3 day Introductory Training course and accompanying Estate & Planning course have been incredibly popular and on many occasions, oversubscribed which according to SWW DG is “exceeding our expectations”.

When asked about the state of the market SWW Director General, Brian McMillan commented saying “Things are busy. We’re all pleased with how the start to 2016 has gone. It’s flown by but we’re encouraged by membership numbers and by the numbers of applications our team are receiving. I think it shows that there are a lot of professionals who are keen to show their clients that they are ‘safe to do business with’”.

He closed by saying “The Society won’t allow ourselves to become complacent with how well 2016 is going. We will continue to promote the need to use a suitably qualified professional and someone that adopts a form of self-regulation such as ours”.

As the largest self-regulatory organisation governing the profession of Will Writing through the use of a regulatory framework, the SWW can offer consumer protection in an otherwise unregulated industry.


Written by: Thomas Stansfield (Marketing and Communication, The Society of Will Writers).

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