The online CPD has gone live.

As you should already be aware, we have migrated to a new system hosted on the College of Will Writing website.

If during the last 14 months you have done the free online CPD then you will have been registered for the new system.  As such you should have received an email inviting you to register a password and another inviting you to complete the paper.

If you have not received the emails and think you should have, please check your spam/junk folder. If you still cannot locate the registration email but have completed the online CPDs within the last few months you can attempt to login at then click the ‘student login’ tab. If you cannot remember your password please click the ‘forgot password’ button and reset your password from your email.


Your username is your email address.




After logging in please click ‘My Courses’ tab on the left hand side.



Please then select the appropriate course by clicking it.



To proceed please then click the link as per below.


To access the notes please click the hyperlink in the text and download the notes.



Do not click the ‘view lesson quiz’ until you are ready to take the quiz.

Once you have read the notes and are ready to complete the paper please click the blue ‘view lesson quiz’ tab and begin.



After completing the paper (hopefully successfully) you can access your certificate by going back to step one and clicking ‘my completed courses’. This should be downloaded straight away.


If you would like to leave feedback, have any thoughts, or would like to suggest future topics please email [email protected]




The SWW Team


For more information please watch this video:

    1. The Society of Will Writers

      Hi Stephen,

      The CPD can be accessed by logging in on the College of Will Writing website and clicking on ‘active courses’. You will then be able to access the notes and the paper. If you have not logged in before please let me know and I will register you a profile.



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