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Working in partnership with The Society of Will Writers, the team at Direct Pay want to make life easier.

We want to make life easier for the members, wherever they are across the country, and in doing so, make life easier for the clients of the members.

The last twelve months have been hard on us all, and we know that building relationships is key to helping all of us move forward into 2021 and beyond. Just as the members of the SWW will be looking to build relationships with clients, new and old though, we are looking to build relationships with the members.

Good working relationships are founded on trust, and the products and services we provide are second to none in the world of card payments.

Our reputation depends on the integrity of every single transaction, and on the strength of every single relationship between the team at Direct Pay and the individual members of the SWW.

Our commitment to our partners is absolute, and with the establishment of a direct line for SWW members, straight through to the team at Direct Pay, we know that our service will be of huge benefit, from start to finish.

Right now, as we begin to see shoots of optimism and start to emerge from what has been one of the most difficult periods in our history, we know that more people than ever before will be looking to ensure that their final wishes are sealed in stone.

The increased exposure to mortality, that we’ve all seen this last twelve months or so, will have motivated people to want to write their wills, and to do it properly…

…which is where the members of the SWW come in.

Over to you – the tried, tested and trusted members of the SWW, who work so hard on behalf of your clients, to ensure everything is taken care of.

Direct Pay come into things by making it easier for the members to accept card payments, both online and in person. It goes without saying perhaps, that this also makes it easier for the clients of the members to make card payments. It sounds simple, but the difference it makes can be huge.

Our bespoke hardware, designed especially for the SWW and its members, coupled with our range of virtual payment links and online payment methods, mean that your clients can come to you with absolute reassurance and certainty that they are dealing with a member of such a well-respected organisation as THE SWW. Branding makes a difference in the eyes of the customer, as does efficiency, which is exactly what we are offering through our partnership with the SWW and all of its members.

You are the experts when it comes to writing wills, and we are the experts when it comes to taking card payments. It’s a perfect match, and one which we hope to serve and support over the coming years.

Direct Pay

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