If in the unfortunate event you are dissatisfied with the service provided to you by a member of the Society of Will Writers, you may wish to make a complaint. Whatever the reason for your complaint, there are procedures that must be followed to ensure that it is dealt with in a timely and appropriate manner.

Firstly, you must address your issue with the member concerned, making sure to provide as many details to them as you can, as well as how you would like them to resolve the issue. We always advise sending your complaint in writing so that you can keep record of the communication. You may wish to send this by recorded delivery so that you know it has been delivered. We advise members to respond to any complaints within 7 working days, so you should allow for this time before expecting a reply. The member will do the best they can to resolve your issue with you directly, however if you are still not satisfied, or if you cannot get a response from your Will writer, you may then bring the complaint to us.

The easiest way to bring your complaint to us is to use our online complaints form which will guide you through all the information that we will need to help investigate your issue. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected] or write to us at SWW Complaints, Chancery House, Whisby Way, Lincoln, LN6 3LQ. We cannot deal with complaints over the phone. We do not investigate complaints in-house, however we will write to you to let you know we have received your complaint and will then pass it onto our external assessors.

Your complaint will then be investigated, and we will ask the member concerned for their version of events. We will ask for your comment on their response, and should it be found that the member has failed to comply with our standards, as well as that set out in the SWW Code of Practice then we will consider the best way to deal with it. Depending on the nature and seriousness of the problem, we may:

  1. offer conciliation if we think there is something that can be done to resolve your complaint; or
    2. decide that it would be best to deal with the subject matter of the complaint by investigating it further to see whether the Society should discipline the Will Writer.

If there are any matters that we cannot deal with, we will let you know and explain why. For example, if the courts are involved, we are unable to do anything as the courts take precedent.

For full details of the SWW Complaints Procedure, please click here: https://www.willwriters.com/making-a-complaint/

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