Choosing the right insurance for your business
The professional indemnity (PI) market

Insurance markets can change from hard to soft, and each has a different impact on businesses. With regards to professional indemnity insurance, for more than a decade we have been experiencing a ‘soft market’, which has been highly competitive with numerous insurers to choose from. This can create a buyer’s market, with enhanced policy covers and competitive premiums available.

However a prolonged soft market can cause issues such as a drop in market rates to below profitable levels. As such, claims grew in size and volume, which became unsustainable and eventually led to a ‘hard’ market. A hard market means fewer insurers offer to underwrite risks, meaning less competition and more concern from those limited active insurers. This can result in increased premiums, excesses and exclusions, which many SWW members may have experienced.

Shopping around for PI insurance

Professional indemnity insurance provides protection against a client or third party claims for loss or damage, resulting from the advice or service you provided.

When shopping around for professional indemnity insurance, it’s a good idea to work with a broker who understands your industry and the potential risks facing your business. A broker will take the time to get to know you and your business, and take the hassle out of obtaining and comparing multiple insurance quotes which can, on the surface, look to offer equal levels of protection.

As the official insurance broker of the Society of Will Writers, we at Marsh Commercial have developed a professional indemnity insurance scheme for members. Over the years we have worked closely with the society to gain a good understanding of members’ risks and requirements.

With insurance arranged by Marsh Commercial, you can benefit from:

  • Protection for wills drafted prior to taking out our policy.
  • Cover for negligence or breach of your professional duties.
  • A claims limit of up to £2.5 million for any one claim.
  • £5 million public liability insurance as standard.

Some additional benefits of the scheme include:

  • Lifetime cover – Marsh Commercial’s scheme offers lifetime cover for will writers and estate planning practitioners.
  • Helpline support – policyholders have access to free business and legal helplines provided by Hiscox.
  • Support when you most need it – our in-house claims team provides support throughout the claims process.
  • Continuous policies – instead of renewing your insurance each year, our cover continues until it is cancelled by you, saving you valuable time.
  • Strength in numbers – the larger the scheme, the better the buying power, often meaning the right cover at the right price.

As well as arranging professional indemnity insurance, we are able to arrange additional cover for your practice as required, such as office insurance, cyber and business interruption.

Get in touch

For more information about the scheme, or if you would like a quote, please contact our team on 01482 388 513 or email [email protected]. You can also find out more at our website:




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