Capacity Vault Delighted to Sponsor SWW Conference

The team at Capacity Vault were delighted to have the opportunity to sponsor the SWW’s conference for the second year in a row. Capacity Vault gets a snapshot of a client’s mental capacity at the time they are making a Will or doing their LPAs. This reduces risk for professional advisors and gives clients greater peace of mind.

Rachel and Oliver were overwhelmed by the Society’ members’ and staffs’ enthusiasm about bringing leading edge technology to help elderly and vulnerable clients as well as you: their advisors.

They were also delighted to be joined by current subscribers to Capacity Vault who benefit from unlimited use for a small monthly fee.

Some particular highlights were Pauline Oliver (MSWW) winning the Capacity Vault draw and Melanie Johnson (MSWW) getting most points at the bean bag game.

Oliver Asha (Director, TEP, Solicitor) said: “being at the Conference gave me a great opportunity to understand the needs of MSWWs and talk about the importance of clients’ mental capacity with a wide range of practitioners”.



Whether making a Will or LPAs, Capacity Vault captures and stores everything the courts need to know if your client’s capacity is ever challenged.

Case study 1:

Eva is 70 years old. She has been married and divorced twice with children from both relationships. Her current partner has adult children of his own.

She does not wish to remember either of her ex husbands or her children from her second marriage. She believes that they may expect to inherit from her.

Eva does not have any dementia related diagnosis but she is receiving strong medication as treatment for another illness. Her will writer (an MSWW) suggested gathering additional evidence of her capacity.

Eva spent around 15 minutes making a call to use Capacity Vault. This gives her the peace of mind that her second husband or her children with him won’t be able to challenge her wishes on the basis of a lack of testamentary capacity.

Case Study 2:

Ibqual has an early onset diagnosis for a dementia-related illness. He wants to appoint his middle child as the attorney for each of his LPAs. He knows that his eldest will likely be upset by this and he is worried that his wishes could be challenged.

As a precaution he uses Capacity Vault at the suggestion of his estate planning advisor. After the call he has the peace of mind that his wishes are better protected. As a precaution he asks his Certificate Provider to review the evidence of his mental capacity.

In summary:

A simple call to our system permanently stores evidence of capacity. It typically takes your client just 10-15 minutes for a call. It is a 24/7/365 service. You can use Capacity Vault at any time of day or night: whenever the client feels most comfortable. The SWW subscription allows use by unlimited clients for a small monthly fee.

Our accessible and affordable service stops the most common will claims dead. Over 90% of claims against estates include a challenge to capacity. What better way to stop these than with immutable evidence produced by Capacity Vault.

Capacity Vault was a proud sponsor of the Society of Will Writers Conference in 2022 and 2023.

To book training around mental capacity from one of our trainers email [email protected]

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