Ken down the pub doesn’t need a will, and neither do you he says. Here’s why:

  1. You like the idea of intestacy

You’re perfectly happy to leave someone else to decide who will benefit on your death. You like the inflexibility of the intestacy rules. If you are unmarried your partner cannot benefit under these rules, but you’re sure they’ll be fine. Hopefully the cousin or other distant relative who ends up benefiting will help them out.

  1. You don’t want to appoint executors

You don’t need to appoint executors to make sure your estate is properly distributed after you’re gone. Leave it to someone else to step up and apply no matter their suitability to the role.

  1. You don’t mind who will care for your children

You’re reasonably confident someone will take care of your minor children after you’re gone. Failing that, you’re certain that if the courts must appoint a guardian for them it will be exactly the person you would have chosen given the chance. They may not be raised the way you would’ve liked, but never mind.

  1. There’s no need to provide for anyone in particular

It doesn’t matter to you who gets your great-great-grandmother’s wedding ring that’s been passed down the family for generations. You’re sure that your spouse and your children will be adequately provided for somehow. If you are not married to your partner you’re sure they won’t mind the stress or the expense of needing to go through the courts to claim for any provision from your estate.

  1. 5. You don’t mind how your funeral is conducted

Let your family work out what your funeral wishes were. You don’t mind whether you’re cremated or buried and you have no specific requests. If you do have special wishes such as having your ashes scattered in a favourite location you’re sure your family know this, and it isn’t likely to cause any disagreements. Right?

  1. Inheritance tax?

The intestacy rules might not be the most tax effective way of passing on your estate but you don’t mind if there’s a larger tax bill. That’s for your family to arrange and you’re sure they won’t have any trouble realising your assets and paying any tax due. The IHT forms are known for how easy and stress free they are to complete.

  1. You supported charities enough during life

You’ve always been a regular supporter of a charitable cause, but there’s no need to carry on these donations once you’re gone.

  1. Trust? Trust who?

You can’t see any need to use trusts to protect any of your assets after you’ve passed away. You’re happy to just leave your estate to whoever the intestacy rules state is entitled to them and so be it if they are bankrupt, they divorce, or they gamble it all away. Either the state or your surviving family will make sure your minor or disabled children are cared for.


Not sure about Ken’s advice? Think maybe you would benefit from speaking to a professional? Take a look at our companion article 8 Reasons to Write a Will and contact a Society of Will Writer’s Member to talk about your estate planning today.

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