Membership benefits:

  • Full free and unlimited technical advice *specific to Wills. (full membership benefit)

This is by far the biggest benefit of membership. Our technical team will respond to your email within 24-48 hours and our advice is insured for your protection.

  • Use of the SWW logo and ‘Safe to do business with logo’ – For use on your marketing material, stationery and website.

  • 19 active regional groups (with online document access from a secure digital vault)

  • Discounted training (through the College of Will Writing)
  • Website listing – Customisable listing on the SWW website with links to your platforms and channels.

The customisable listing will detail the areas you cover, what services you offer, your contact details, any branding you provide to us, and any additional information you request.

  • Online CPD – access to a monthly quiz on the College site.

Once a month (at the start of the month) the SWW release a new multiple choice quiz with attached notes for SWW members. Registered users can access the paper by logging in and accessing their active courses where the quiz will appear. Each quiz has 15 questions and counts towards a delegates structured CPD for the year.

  • Stationery/Sales literature (branded)

The SWW marketing department provides a branded leaftlet service for members. Examples can be found below:

  • Conference – An annual meeting held centrally for industry professionals to get access to industry leader training.

For information on the annual conference whether you would like to attend or exhibit please contact Diane Mandeville.

  • Sure Will Writer – Drafting software available only to SWW members which is supported by our technical advisers.

Sure Will Writer is an industry leading peice of software developed in conjunction with DPL. The software is available only to SWW members and supported by a team of technical advisers. Our technical team will check your first 6 documents for free (for technical accuracy making sure the documents are fit for purpose) and provide technical support on the system helping where necessary to navigate the system or to create bespoke clauses. If you would like further Will checks after the initial 6 then there will be a charge of £35 per Will. This is a cost that can be passed onto the client.

The National Will Archive is a dedicated document store for your clients succession documents. All documents sent to our store are scanned on receipt, referenced and checked. They will then be held securely until such a time when they are requested. When the documents are returned they will be once again scanned and send by recorded delivery for your clients/client’s executors peace of mind.

  • Trust Corporation – Access to professional executorship, trustee, and attorneyship services through the SWW Trust Corporation.

The SWW Trust Corporation is a knowledgeable team who assist industry professionals with professional executorship, trustee, and attorneyship services. To sign up as an introducer, to understand their pricing structure, or to talk to a member of their team please call 01522 581570 or visit their website

  • Digital Inheritance Vault – Expand your storage offering with the Digital Inheritance vault. Give each of your clients a vault to store copies of important legal documents in. You may wish to add your client files here.

The SWW teamed up with Safe 4 Information Management to provide a secure and audited system to securely store documents and communicate with your clients. If you would like more information on how the vault works please watch this:


or visit The SWW Safe 4 page

  • Social Media content and support

The SWW provide support and content for members with their social media platforms. Our channels can be found here:

  • Forum – Get access to a private members forum to speak to like-minded professionals and keep up to date with industry topics.
  • Insurance scheme – A comprehensive PII policy available only to members with the provision for free run off cover*
  • Public Indemnity Fund – An SWW fund to pay for work to be completed should a member leave clients without documents they had paid for*.
  • Template documentation – Terms of Business templates and complaints procedure template.
  • Public helpline
  • Support in the event of a claim or complaint