The primary aims of the College are to secure proper public recognition of the professional status of the Will Writing practitioners and to raise and maintain the standards of knowledge, understanding and competence within the profession.

The College regards these aims as mutually inclusive and recognises the diversity of entrants into the profession, the wide range of vocational needs, and the nature and degree of support that is obtained from the organisation of which one is associated.

The College is also concerned with the consumer within the Will Writing marketplace and with the consequences that may arise from the advice given where it is based on incompetence or misinterpretation.

The College offers a range of courses and qualifications that provide scope and flexibility for the personal development of all Will Writing practitioners irrespective of age, experience, expertise and qualification.

With modules appropriate to the induction of new entrants to the profession through to that suitable for the experienced practitioner who is prepared to devote intensive personal study to gain a level of knowledge and personal expertise and hold the right to call themselves Estate Planning Practitioner.

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