With the ever changing market and more complex market, the need for members to have access to technical help and support has never been more important.

The SWW provides full members this service as part of the annual membership fee, but it is expensive and getting more expensive each year.

The purpose of this Members Bulletin is to set out and clarify how we deliver this service, who is eligible to contact us and the extent of the free advice we can give.
Who can avail themselves of the service?

The service is restricted to Full Members only (MSWW, ASWW or FSWW) or a person designated and agreed with the SWW as the person who is responsible for the everyday Will drafting and support within the company, this person must also be a Member of the SWW in order to comply with the SWW’s PII.

The SWW cannot routinely advise members who are affiliated to their parent company in case of conflict. In the case of any internal dispute or confusion and the company wishes to seek independent advice, it has to be the designated person or other recognized officer of the company (being a member) who contacts the SWW.

The SWW will not give any advice to any non-member.

The scope of the advice available.

The advice and support as part of your membership is as the list below but not limited to:

  • Wills and Will drafting
  • Tax advice relating to the preparation of a Will or advice to your client concerning the use of trusts
  • Will trusts
  • Codicils
  • Advance directives
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Severance of joint tenancy
  • Document storage
  • Funeral planning
  • Pilot trusts.
  • Sure Will Writer software

Advice cannot be given on the use of lifetime settlements such as APT’s or Home Protection Trust, advice should be sought from the provider such as SWW Trust Corporation.

Chargeable Advice

The SWW will levy a charge for any advice which will require specialist third party advice. The cost of any such advice will be advised prior to any action being taken.

Such advice may include but is not exhaustive to:

  • Agricultural property
  • Business Property
  • Tax mitigation for high net-worth clients
  • Overseas assets
  • Will checks – chargeable at £35 a time (Wills are checked against your instructions.)

For an in-depth guide on accessing the Technical Advice Team, click here.