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We are aware of the wide ranging trust situations that can arise in will drafting, whether, by example, arising from the provision of a right to occupy property, the creation of a flexible life interest trust or simply imposing an age condition.

We are also aware of the complexity and changing rules as to how trusts are treated for inheritance, capital gains and income tax. This is not an easy area to research. Text books can quickly be out of date.
It has been our vision to give to members an ability to quickly access this information, knowing that it is focused upon the trust selected, that it is clearly presented, that it is reliable and always up to date.
Following upon over 2 years research and development, TR has evolved. It is a new and dynamic on-line solution, covering both testamentary and lifetime trusts.

Simply select the criteria applicable to a particular trust type (there are over 100 in the TR) and detailed information is displayed concerning how, at its differing stages, the trust it is treated for IHT CGT and income tax. A report in PDF format can be downloaded.
As a will writer, by accessing TR, you will be able to advise more authoritatively concerning trust situations.  For good practice and with little effort, you will be able to produce and retain a trust report being a “snapshot” of tax considerations prevailing at that point of time. You also have the option of making it available to your client.

Within Sure Wills, following “Administrative Matters” there is now a new section, “Trust Referencer”

This returns a statement recording any trust situation arising in the created Will and will assist Sure Will users generally. However if it is wished to view or prepare a TR report, there is a launch to the site.

Also within TR there is a general guide for users as to the suitability of different trust types. By reacting to the input of client priorities a graphical indication of appropriate trusts is displayed.

TR has a helpful glossary of terms and also shows the different tax rates over the last 3 year period.

If you wish to have more information including viewing an example of a TR report this is available by visiting or please use the launch in the “Trust Referencer” section within Sure Will Writer.
The annual subscription for a registered user to have unlimited access is £120.00 plus VAT.
As a Sure Will Writer, if you pay monthly and subscribe to TR, this can be collected monthly (£10 plus VAT per individual User) as an addition to your existing payment.

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