The Society of Will Writers are continuing to educate the consumer on the need for a valid Will. This was a commitment that we made to the Legal Services Board following the then Lord Chancellors decision (2013) not to enforce statutory regulation. Instead he called for stronger self-regulation and better consumer education. Something that we have taken seriously.

Today the Society of Will Writers launches its no will equals poo campaign.

Using plain speak and language that is in everyday use and easily understood, the SWW aims to raise awareness for the need to have a will.

Brian McMillan director general of the SWW says, for too long we have failed to get the message through to hence why still in the twenty first century nearly 70% of adults don’t have a valid will. We are not trying to shock or make light of the problem, but given that both the young men who run the SWW’s marketing and PR department have in the past few months have first hand experience of having to support their mothers through the maze of paperwork following a death.

I am sure that if asked directly how most people would like to be remembered after their death, it would not be for the mess they leave behind for families to sort out at a time when they should be mourning. And dying intestate is the final act.

No Will = Poo

Do you want to be remembered only for the mess you left behind?

Make a Will today.

No Will = Poo

In today’s complex world not making a Will may leave your loved ones with a whole load of Poo to sort out when they should be mourning.

Make a Will now.

No Will = Poo

No matter how thoughtful or loving you were alive, not leaving a valid Will may be the last memory your loved ones are left with.

Avoid the Poo

Make a Will now.


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