Only a few days after the launch of the SWW’s new ‘Poo’ campaign it has certainly done what was aimed and it has got tongues wagging. After all, it wasn’t a conventional campaign when it was thought up. SWW Director General, Brian W McMillan wanted to use language and images that the majority of people would understand.

The idea behind the ‘Poo’ campaign was to raise awareness of the need for a Will by using the well known poo emoji.  The message behind the campaign was the thought provoking message that ‘we don’t want to be remembered for the mess that we leave behind’.

The truth is that nearly everyone over the age of 18 should have a Will. We often have more to leave/gift than we realise whether it be the contents of gambling accounts, online music collections, photo’s and videos that are locked away on social media platforms etc as well as our tangible assets.

The campaign will be running over the next few weeks on the SWW’s YouTube channel and on its other social media platforms to help raise this important message.

Initial thoughts the SWW have received have echoed our initial observations:

“It’s different and definitely catches the eye but when the number of people without a Will hasn’t dropped despite previous messages and campaigns perhaps an alternative message is needed” – anonymous Will writer.

Feel free to share the message and tag people in your posts that would appreciate the message the SWW is sharing.



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