I had seen dead bodies before so it didn’t bother me when I did my first funeral…

Sat sri akal (hello), my name is Raj Singh Rainu and I am the founder and owner of Sikh Wills Ltd. I have been in the Will writing industry for around 6 years and decided to set up Sikh Wills in April 2014. End of life planning is taboo subject in the Punjabi culture and you will rarely find someone openly talk about it. There are several quotes our Sikh Gurus taught us, such as: “Life and death come to all who are born. Everything here gets devoured by death.” (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 15). We shouldn’t be afraid of death or get attached to things or people because we will leave everything and everyone behind after we die. So why do we still not talk about it? Fear. People are still scared of death and don’t talk about it. This is the exact reason why I set Sikh Wills up. I know how it can tear families apart all because of greed and the love of money and not making a Will.

As well as specialising in Wills, trusts, lasting power of attorneys, funeral plans and probate, I now do funerals too. It certainly is a conversation starter at weddings and networking events. I contacted a funeral director in Coventry so could use my Will services for his Sikh clients and he had a position open in his funeral branch in Leamington. I decided to take up the opportunity as it fitted nicely with what I do. I had seen dead bodies before so it didn’t bother me when I did my first funeral. We offer a bespoke traditional Sikh service and the deceased’s family are grateful for what we can do which makes it rewarding for me. It has changed my outlook on life and I don’t dwell on the small things as life is very short and there is always somebody worse off than you. I talk openly about death but some people don’t like it. I will continue to promote this and break the taboo and barriers of death through Sikh Wills.

I have been a member of the Society of Will Writers since April 2016 and I can’t fault them in anyway. As industry leaders, I get the support I need and the knowledge they have is incredible. They make sure I adhere to their code of practice and I’m up to date on any changes and regulations.

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  1. Dear Raj Singh Rainu ji,
    Sat Sri Akal,

    This is an interesting service and is need of the hour. I am sure you must have devised a draft Will format. If so, kindly share. I understand its importance in foreign countries on the pattern of Funeral Services organised in Australia etc for their honourable cremation.

    Please share your draft Will as it is required all over the world especially for Sikhs to avoid any property or accession rights.

  2. Sat Sri Akal Tejinder,

    Thank you for your comments. I don’t have a ‘devised draft Will’ as every client’s situation is unique so no standard Will template will ever be enough to protect the client or their family.

    I am more than happy to speak to you via Skype if that helps? My username is sikh.wills

    Kind regards

    Raj Singh
    Sikh Wills

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